Client API User Guide Quick Start
i Overview of Quick Start This quick start will provide you with quick step by step instructions on how to build and deploy your first database environment using our sample DLL source code. You can the use the to adapt to your own needs or start again fresh using your own code. Upon completion of this quick start you should refer to our comprehensive user guide to benefit from the DEM's full functionality.

ii DEM Client API Installed You will need to have installed the Schemation DEM Client API
iii DEM Requirement Make sure you have following configured:
  • At least a Tablespace Groups created, and have following members:
  • Have a project created
  • Project given required system privileges
  • Have an environment for the given project (SCH_PENV)
  • Selected controllers (users) for the environment
Steps for above can be found in Admin Console User Guide

iv DEM login Before starting with this quick start please ask your Schemation DEM administrator for the following information:
Set up your environment variables
1 Instruction 1 Go to <SCH_HOME>/bin
Edit file 'test_envs'

Update the file with correct values
export SCH_HOME=<SCH_HOME>/examples/SCH_HOME_example_address_book_model1
export SCH_DBCON=<username>/<password>/@<DB_SERVICE>
export SCH_PENV=<PENV>
export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/client_10_2
Note: above SCH_HOME is pointing to sample application 'Address Book Model1' (which is included in installation file)
2 Instruction 2 Export or source the environment file, then run the build.
cd <SCH_HOME>/bin

. test_envs

perl schemation_build -f
Check the result in the DEM Admin Console
3 Instruction 3 Login to DEM and you should see it builing or build complete.