Schemation 'Client API' Installation steps.
Schemation has three main components:
    1) The 'Server' (which does all the work),
    2) The 'Console/WebApp ' (a browser-based interface that Schemation users use to administer their database environments, and
  tick 3) The 'API' (the programatic) interface that provides developers full control over their environment.
This page describes the steps required to install the 'Client API' component.

Client API Install
i Perl You will need Perl 5.10 (or higher) installed on the PC or host where you want to install the DEM Client.

ii DEM Client Install Please visit our partner's website (HKG Solutions) to download DEM Client API installation file (schemation_dem-web.tar.gz). This file can be unzipped on Unix platform (Using gunzip and tar commands) and Windows platforms using WinZip.
iii DEM login Whilst you do not need a DEM login (SCH_DBCON)to install the Client API you will not be able to do anything with it until you do. It is recommended that you ask your DEM administrator for this.

iii Five minute install Installation of the Schemation DEM Client API component is a simple process of unzipping/untaring a tar/zip directory, and copying one perl executable script so that it is located in the command search path of your working command shell.

Steps for UNIX
2 Copy and unzip install file Copy and unzip the Schemation DEM distribution to your machine.
Using a file transfer program copy the DEM Client API installation file from your browser download area into a temporary directory on your host UNIX machine.
Log in to UNIX and change directory to the temporary directory in which you transferred the file.

tar zxvf schemation_dem-client.tar.gz
cd schemation_dem-client/bin

Copy the script 'schemation_build' to a directory of your choice which you can ensure is in the search path of your command shell. If you have root privileges, this would traditionally be /usr/local/bin. If you do not have root privileges we would suggest you copy it to $HOME/bin of your current user environment. Each 'user' of the client code must have this script in their execution path.

Steps for Windows
2 Copy and unzip install file Copy and unzip the Schemation DEM distribution to your machine.

cp <distmedia>/schemation_dem-client.tar.gz <destination dir>
cd <destination dir>
tar zxvf schemation_dem-web.tar.gz

*** Substitute text in green with text relavent to your installation.